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Posted by admin @ October 4, 2009

Giuliano was born in Italy and is currently the strongest kid in the world (said by his father), he has at the moment 4 years of age, an age where most kids play all day and just be happy. He seems very pressured by his father who supervises all his training. Giuliano’s father was also an earlier athlete who also competed at bodybuilding shows, but his career flunked in a car accident later in life.

In the Giuliano’s Youtube channel you can see other videos of Giuliano, where he performs dumbell curls and bench press. His father’s attitude is very questionable and is hard to understand if this hard discipline early in life can be a good thing for Giuliano in the long term.

Posted by admin @ March 6, 2009

Mo Elmoussawi who recently placed second at the 2009 Ironman Pro and ninth at the 2008 Olympia just signed a contract with the IFBB Pro League. “Being a Weider athlete mean’s I’m one of the top guys,” Elmoussawi said. “It gives me positive energy to go all the way to the top.”

Last year Mo Elmoussawi placed 11th at the Arnold Classic. Next Saturday, the Arnold Classic will be held in Ohio where we should see nice improvements from Mo Elmoussaw in arrangement with last Ironman’s results.

“As far as my career it’s more of a prize of what I’ve achieved lately,” El Moussawi said of signing with Weider.

Posted by admin @ March 2, 2009

Branch Warren is about to blast the Arnold making life more difficult to the likes of Kai Green, Toney Freeman and Victor Martinez. Will the “Quadrasaurus” make it above the 4th place this year ?

Posted by admin @ February 21, 2009

In the past years IFBB only elected two pros for each class. That number is about to change as IFBB is choosing now three pros per class. We should see more interesting things happen as there is now a gap for an underdog who in the past would have made awesome pros.

Posted by admin @ February 14, 2009

Lee Priest is not going to the Australian Pro. He torn a tendon which needs a surgery and six weeks of arm inactivity. Although he cannot compete he will be there to meet some new Australian fans.

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